Watford Colosseum

18th October 2018 10am-3pm

Penny will be speaking from the heart in her talk entitled “Business is Personal”.


For the past 20 years Penny has evangelized, trained, consulted and built businesses ensuring that business’  embrace the ability to socially connect online and offline in their leadership, words and culture. An early pioneer in the social networking world, Penny created the world’s first business social network in 1998, Ecademy. This grew into a global network that reduced the isolation and provided skills for small business owner’s and leaders.


Awarded an OBE in 2014 for this contribution, Penny then spent 3 years in the digital skills sector, notably building a new Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and helping 1000 young people into jobs. Digital Youth Academy was acquired by Seetec in October 2015


Now Penny is pioneering a change in offline networking, building The Business Cafe as a destination across UK High Streets. Bridging the skills gap and providing networking and digital skills in real-time so people can achieve these needs in ‘their gaps’ during their working day. Her mission is to reduce loneliness in self employment which in a survey suggested that 83% of sole traders are lonely. Additionally, Penny and The Business Cafe operation will increase the productivity of small business through the provision of free digital software onboarding and awareness.

Presentation synopsis:

Do you hate marketing your business (but want more clients)?

Do you struggle with:


• juggling marketing with running your business (and your life)

• dipping your toe in a bit of social media and blogging, but not winning more clients

• feeling paralysed and overwhelmed by the sheer avalanche of marketing options available (but knowing you need to do something)


You’re not alone.  If you want to get on top of your marketing once and for all, now’s your chance.

In this tip-filled session, business growth expert Kim Arnold will share her secrets on how to cut through the marketing quicksand to attract more clients, faster, and the tricks to effortless, effective marketing.


Speaker bio:

Kim Arnold is a UK-renowned business growth expert who grabs companies by the scruff of the neck and shakes some spectacular marketing and sales into them.

She’s spent two decades getting businesses to ditch their boring corporate jargon and bland branding so they become irresistible to their clients. She cut her teeth working for financial heavyweights, including Deutsche Bank and Thomson Reuters businesses.  She’s even worked alongside Al Gore!  And as a ghost writer for CEOs, Kim’s writing was featured in all the major business press including The Times, The Financial Times and The Huffington Post.

Now Kim advises growth businesses how to build imaginative brands that attract, inspire and seduce their clients.  She’s also a respected communication coach, sharing her unique secrets to help businesses talk and write in a way that inspires action, instead of inducing a coma.


Speaker: Kim Arnold – Business Growth Consultant

Website: kim@kimarnold.co.uk

Email: kim@kimarnold.co.uk

Mobile: 07808 586 052


Speaker: Lorenzo Luiso, Brick Digital Ltd

Time: 10.45am - 11.15am

Location: Seminar Room 2

Making your website work for you



What to expect from this seminar


Your businesses websites need to be more than just an online business card. To make sure that you continue to grow in the internet era your website needs to become a lead generating tool that brings you consistent new business.


But most business websites just aren’t doing that right now.


With the internet, social media, and search engines developing nearly every day it can be hard to keep up to speed.


In this seminar I go in-depth into the future of web design and marketing for businesses. With actionable advice and strategies to take your businesses online presence from behind the ‘digital’ curve to ahead of it!


We’ll cover everything from the principles of web design and how it affects your business to how you can build a future proof lead generator online.






As a seasoned Internet entrepreneur Lorenzo Luiso has experienced the power and potential of effective web marketing first hand.


After graduating from the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, Lorenzo cut his teeth online in e-commerce before heading up web projects that streamlined the process of young people gaining work experience.


This lead to the birth of Brick Digital, an Internet marketing agency that focuses on search engine marketing and online reputation building for small-medium sized local businesses.


Brick Digital works with businesses who understand the potential of cementing their place on Google and other search engines, with the aim of generating long lasting business growth.


Lorenzo Luiso – Founder & Digital Strategist at Brick Digital


Website: https://brick-digital.co.uk




Find Your Customers with Facebook


In this talk I discuss an effective strategy which can be applied to Facebook and Instagram, in addition to discussing the creation of stand out creatives in order to capture peoples attention.


“Sophia Evans, Head of Branding and Design at Climb Online, will be delivering this talk which comes from the core of Climb Online’s view of the digital landscape. Sophia started with Climb Online in the first year of trading and has been a part of developing and growing the brand to where it is today.”




Presentation synopsis:


Stand out from the crowd and find your customers on Facebook and Instagram.


Do you struggle with:


• Creating stand out creatives that generate engagement?


• Reaching your audience and taking them from awareness to conversion?


• Feeling overwhelmed with where to start on Instagram and Facebook?


Speaker bio:


As Head of Branding and Design at Climb Online, one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing agencies in the UK founded by Mark Wright and Lord Sugar, Sophia works to drive the development of the Climb Online brand based on consumer insight, market trends and their positioning within the industry. Sophia additionally heads up Climb Online’s 'Creative Climber' service and work with a number of well-known brands combining knowledge of social media, graphic design and branding to create visual materials and strategies in order to tell impactful stories and deliver measurable returns.


Speaker: Sophia Evans  – Head of Branding and Design, Climb Online


Website: climb-online.co.uk


Email: sophia.evans@climb-online.co.uk


Phone: 020 3225 5891


Instagram: @climbonlinedigital



Seminar 6





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Learn how to build a plan to engage an audience or find new customers online through social media strategy and best practise


Discover exactly where your small business needs to be seen and heard on the web in this short course designed for aspiring social media marketers. In just an hour, you'll get a run down of the best social media platforms to use in 2018, plus your trainer will explain how to create a social media strategy that delivers the right goals for your business. We'll cover the importance of defining a set of marketing guidelines too, so you can always stay on brand and on message.





Seminar 8





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Speaker: Shirley Wakelin

Time: 1.00pm - 1.30pm

Location: Seminar Room 2

Developing your future leaders; practical approaches for line managers



With a tsunami of change coming at us, there’s never been a greater imperative to accelerate the development of our future leaders.


All too often talented people are promoted and left to ‘get on with it’. Yet the skills that got us here won’t take us there. Reduced self-confidence, overly zealous control and heightened stress can result.


Shirley passionately advocates earlier leadership development to set young talent up to be more effective future leaders.


During this seminar, Shirley will give insight into the most common development areas that young leaders show up with, and offer practical guidance and tools for line managers to support their growth.


With ‘development’ one of the key desires expressed by Millennials & Gen z, investing early is also a powerful talent attraction and retention strategy.




About Shirley Wakelin


Following a 20-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, Shirley trained as a professional coach in 2011. She delivers leadership and team development and skills training predominantly in the health care and related sectors.


Her passion for what she does stems from recognising leadership can be hard, and lonely, and yet it’s the leader(s) that set the tone for organisational culture, which impacts productivity and engagement.


With a strong belief that developing leadership capability has to start early, Shirley is increasingly working with younger clients; especially newly appointed first and second line managers.


Shirley has a Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills and a Certificate in Team Coaching. She’s an accredited facilitator of both Team Emotional Intelligence and Harrison Assessments, a behavioural preference tool offering powerful developmental insight. Shirley graduated as a C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach in 2016, which deepened her understanding of the neuroscience of conversation. She believes the ‘how’ we work is as important as ‘what’ we do.



Create content with confidence across key social platforms while learning how to define your brand and tone of voice


Finding the right words to describe your business isn't always easy, and it’s even harder when you have limited space or characters. This compact course is great for small business owners or aspiring social media marketers looking to develop their writing skills and produce slicker headlines and ad copy. You'll also develop a tone of voice that means when you talk on social media, your customers will want to listen.



Speaker:Nicola Ryall, Ryall Marketing

Time: 2.30pm - 3.00pm

Location: Seminar Room 1

Ever heard that ‘LinkedIn is one of the world’s most powerful marketing tools’, but thought… but it’s never worked for me!


In ths seminar Nicola will show us how to unlock its potential, answering:

How to make a great profile?

Who connect to? … what do I do next?

Should I pay for Premium?

How to find leads?

This presentation will help you use LinkedIn properly!



About Nicola Ryall


Nicola has over 30 years’ experience in marketing, cutting her teeth at American Express and Coca-Cola. She set up her marketing consultancy in 1992 and since then has helped her clients plan and execute their marketing activity, delivering them profitable sales and business growth. Her team provides:


  • Expert marketing strategy & support
  • Strong online presence: websites, LinkedIn, social media, SEO
  • Graphic design, clear branding and high-quality copywriting
  • Lead generation: converting leads into business
  • Effective use of customer databases








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